Business Models

Genesystem is looking for the partnership to share its passion and vision.

Genesystem trusts there is no better tool than a good partnership to achieve a goal in highly competitive and volatile global market place. Since establishment, Genesystem has been pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships with various entities in global market place in order to create a new values together and turn the shared values into reality. According to thoroughly set up global market entry strategy, Genesystem is carrying its business forward in two directions.

Partnership with
Diagnostic Test Manufacturers

Genesystem is looking for the partnership with PCR based diagnostic test companies which are willing to step into point-of-care molecular testing market with reliable and proven platform provider. Genesystem’s track record and experiences in global market of in-vitro diagnostic test, veterinary diagnostics and food testing applications will be a good foundation for the success of the partnership.

Feasibility Tests and Optimization

Genesystem evaluates if partner’s standard assays are properly working with its platforms. If needed, Genesystem optimize the conditions and submit the report to partner.

Validation Study and Regulatory Approvals

Expert of Genesystem set up its platform at partner’s site for the partner’s evaluation of the platform under optimized condition. The partner performs validation study and clear regulatory affairs if needed under the support of Genesystem.

Launching POC Molecular Testing System

The partner launches point-of-care molecular diagnostic system based on its assays and Genesystem’s platform to be supplied under either OEM or ODM contract.

Product Addition

Test menu can be easily expanded by the same procedures.

Partnership with
Channel Partners

Global presence of Genesystem has been expanded through solid partnerships with reliable and capable channel partners. Genesystem truly respects the partners’ knowledge and experience in their market and welcomes the chance of collaboration to enhance its position in global market and grasp the rapidly growing opportunities in molecular testing world in these days.

Setting up Proper Business Strategy

Using the partner’s knowledge and experience in the market both Genesystem and the partner set up appropriate strategy to successfully step into target markets.

Joint Marketing Activities

Genesystem believes there is no better way than having target customers try and experience actual benefits of the products as long as its products are considered to be innovative products. Genesystem performs joint marketing activities with its partners to promote the advantages of its product and technology.

Technical Support

Application support team of Genesystem provides the partner with its full technical support including product demo and training to directly address the key benefits of its products to target audiences.