Core Competencies


Ultra-fast PCR Technology Ideal for On-site Molecular Testing

Long turn around time of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test and its bulky and heavy instrumentation have been the key factors limiting the spread of this highly precise and sensitive detection method in point-of-care diagnostic applications Genesystem invented a microfluidic chip based PCR method associated with compact and sophisticated hardware mechanism which dramatically reduces the TAT of PCR testing down under 20 minutes. Based on this core technology, Genesystem has commercialized PCR platforms to target on-site testing applications outside the laboratory environments as well as general molecular testing applications.


Miniaturized Heating Element for Handy Molecular Testing Platform

As a INNOPOLIS Research Institute Spin-off Company, Genesystem acquired the miniaturized heating element Technology of ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute of South Korea) for the manufacture of handy molecular testing platform which is based on its ultra-fast PCR technology. This element is being evaluated to be ideal for handy molecular system as it has outstanding features of extremely low electrical consumption and small dimension enabling to build a system for instant testing in any place. Genesystem already completed its development and performance validation of the handy molecular testing platform to apply this to field testing needs. Now, Genesystem is the process of preparing commercialization of this handy molecular testing system.

Biochip Technology Enabling Multiplex or High Multiplex Detection

Genesystem owns innovative technology enabling high multiplex detection which is essential component to design syndromic disease diagnostics panel. The key of this technology is solidifying primer pairs which is labeled on the internal surface of the biochip designed by Genesystem. Genesystem can customize the design of the high multiplex detection biochip for the target numbers up to 100 depending on its client’s panel design.