Global leader in multiplex point-of-care molecular testing solutions

Genesystem has been performing its R&D and business development activities on the basis of clear long term milestone.
Starting up with its innovative ultrafast PCR technology, Genesystem has been expanding its presence in global market since 2016 with uniquely positioned PCR platforms enabling on site molecular testing in variety of applications.
Since 2017, Genesystem has been diversifying its business portfolio to meet the needs in rapidly growing point-of-care molecular testing market in the world.
This effort gave a birth to innovative biochip based multiplex technology which could overcome the limitations of traditional multiplexing methods of PCR based diagnostics. Through continued R&D investment in sample preparation (nucleic acid extraction and purification) technology which will be integrated on its current biochip testing platform, Genesystem will introduce one-step molecular testing solution ideal for point-of-care molecular testing applications in the near future.

Phase I (2010~2016)

Core Technologies

Ultra-fast PCR Technology

Miniaturized Heating Module Technology

PCR Reagents Optimized for Ultra-fast PCR

Commercialization of Rapid Molecular Testing Platform


Ultra-fast PCR Based On-site MDx System

Phase II (2017~2019)

Core Technologies

Multiplex Biochip Technology

Rapid Sample Preparation Technology

R&D of Biochip Based Multiplex and Sample Prep Technology


Food-derived pathogen detection kit

Sample Preparation Kits

Multiplex Biochip Testing Format

Phase III (2020~2024)

Core Technologies

High Multiplex Technology

One-step Rapid Molecular Testing Platform Technology

R&D and Commercialization of Multiplex POCT Solutions


Multiplex Food Safety Testing Kits

Multiplex Food Authentication Testing Kits

Syndromic Multiplex Testing Panel for IVD

Phase IV (2025~)

Core Technologies

R&D and Procurement of Biomarkers

One-step Rapid Molecular Testing Platform Technology

Diversification of Multiplex POCT Business


Infectious Diseases Panels

Tumor Diagnostics Panels